App Monkeys


We are a small yet highly-skilled group of creative brains with a vast experience in UI/UX design, Web Integration, IOS and Android mobile applications.

We will always be here for you during and after development of your application. Customer service is at the heart of what we do as well as developing something you and your company can be proud of. Have a question or notice something that you want changing? you can email us 7 days a week and we will be at the other end to answer your query.


Have an idea or need to discuss what we can offer? Get in contact via our contact us page today!


We will create an easy to use, smooth and engaging experience all bundled up in your clients pocket!

We welcome your thoughts and ideas on what you would like your app to look and feel like which we will use to tailor to your specification.

We also have a design team who would love to put together a design for you if your not sure what you are looking for. We can always update the style and design of your app at a later date to keep inline with the ever changing world of technology.

Web Integration

Our apps are directly linked to your website, so whenever you update something on your website the app will automatically pull that information in and update itself meaning all the latest information is at hand instantly.

Need to add, remove or change a product your selling? Anytime your business changes your app evolves with it meaning your customers have the correct up-to-date products and pricing..

Need a website to integrate your app with?Our partner company Teknet Digital will be happy to assist. Visit for more information.

Android and Ios compatability

Our apps are fully compatible with both Android and IOS meaning your app will be available for download on all major mobile and tablet devices.

We always keep our apps up-to-date with the latest software versions on both platforms so you will never have to worry about you app being compatible with future platform updates.

When most of the world has access to hand held devices you'd be missing out on a large market not having presence within the App Store or Google Play Store. Recent trends have pushed more and more people into browsing and/or shopping online so your application is there to ensure you get a slice of the IOS and Android users market base.

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